Thursday, August 28, 2008

for eachConcurrently

For those who have wondered how to implement Neal Gafter's example 'for eachConcurrently' API with BGGA Closures, here's one attempt:

There's a bonus 'for eachEntryConcurrently' in there as well.

I'm sure it can be improved (suggestions welcome) and it certainly deserves a decent explanation, which is coming, but I'll make one comment at this point:

Adding support for nonlocal transfers across different threads required two lines of code.

Two lines is easy. I like easy. Especially when threads are involved.


Luc Duponcheel said...


nice code, congratulations!

Luc Duponcheel

Luc Duponcheel said...

by the way

completionService.submit({ =>
Throwable result = null;
if (!cancelled) {
try {
catch (Throwable ex) {
cancelled = true;
result = ex;

works fine for me instead of the
anonymous class

Anonymous said...

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